A video content disrupter from Jakarta, who is pushing the boundaries of travel vlogs and making a positive social impact in Indonesia's saturated online video space

Youtube is Indonesia’s go-to destination for online video. Travel is one of the most popular video content pillars, but there’s a new micro disruptor from Jakarta who is pushing the boundaries of travel content and making a positive social impact in the country’s increasingly saturated online video space. Meet @before__monday.

Most travel vlogs cover topics such as best food, best shopping tips and best itineraries to travel a city, but the duo wants to seek a deeper meaning in traveling. They want to go beyond traveling as a splurge or surreal luxury experience a lot of Indonesian content creators are portraying. The duo vlogs about purposeful weekend getaways, such as visiting a group of young Indonesians who ditched the citylife and built a “Food Forest”, and Spanish twin sisters who built a community space in Lombok and ended up calling Indonesia their home.

They call themselves “Before Monday”, because they believe the weekend before going back to work on Monday is the best time to learn from the wider life that exists outside of the 9 to 6 job. I like them because @before__monday shares the same vision as us: We both want to represent the voices of the under-represented and make a positive impact in Asia.

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